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Youth Leagues

Join our Wednesday Youth league for ages 5-18. Date TBD.

It’s only $12.00 per child and coaching is available! Bowls at 4:00 pm weekly. *Theres always room for more! Call to book your spot!*












USBC Youth Program

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Tivoli Bowl is a great place to learn to bowl because of it's intimate and friendly atmosphere. Our qualified instructors offer “one on one” guidance and instruction. Young bowlers can learn to bowl through the USBC Youth Program. Please ask at the counter for more information.

Tivoli Bowl is part of the BPAA Youth Program. Anyone under the age of 20 can join. An international non-profit organization with 500,000 members competing in 45,000 leagues and tournaments, BPAA encourages healthy competition, good sportsmanship, and physical fitness. As the premier youth organization for bowling, BPAA is committed to providing exciting opportunities for the personal development of youth through bowling.

With focus on education, coaching, and organized development of youth participation, BPAA offers several programs aimed at helping young bowlers grow athletically, academically, and personally.  As well, BPAA is committed to helping youth bowlers develop a life-long interest in bowling, staying involved, and passing their enthusiasm for the sport to others.

Our Coaches

For more info contact:

In addition to our guidance by our instructors, bowlers in the youth leagues also receive
bowling shirts, awards, Halloween and Christmas treats, and a banquet party!


938 Warren Ave
Downers Grove, IL 60515


Just around the corner from the Tivoli Theatre, you’ll find 12 wood lanes tucked beneath the auditorium, Tivoli Bowling Center. It’s a place where the entire family will feel right at home because of its size and atmosphere.

To take a virtual tour of our center click below.

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