Summer Youth Leagues 2024!  (DEADLINE TO REGISTER - MAY 30th!)

We want kids of all ages to learn and enjoy the sport of bowling!  While the last couple years have been difficult, we are excited to be bringing back youth leagues this summer!  We hope to have enough interest to have a couple different sessions of youth leagues, based upon ages.

Youth Leagues will meet on Wednesdays, beginning June 5th, excluding Wednesday, July 3rd.  Elementary School League (1st grade through 5th Grade) will meet from 1-2pm, and Middle School League (6th-8th Grades [including incoming high school freshmen]) will meet from 3-5pm.  We will meet every Wednesday (excluding July 5th), and conclude the 8 week season on July 31st.  Questions regarding the league may be sent to

The important things to know are as follows:

  • These leagues are NON-COMPETITIVE.  The intention of the Summer Youth Leagues are to have fun, gain experience in a stress-free environment, and to learn basics about the sport.
  • These are not USBC-Certified Youth Leagues (as they are non-competitive, and are not coached by USBC-Certified Coaches).  We want this to be a FIRST STOP in your bowling journey, and while everyone is welcome, we want everyone to have a good time, and we don't want to pit experienced kids against inexperienced kids.  That said, if your child wants a competitive experience, we do know some great centers that offer youth programs more centered on that, and would be happy to point you in that direction.
  • We will go over basics like basic lane etiquette, proper ball handling, proper throwing techniques to gain consistency, using the guides on the lane (arrows and dots) to improve your aim, and how the scoring system works.
  • No equipment is necessary.  If you have your own shoes or ball, that's fantastic and you're welcome to bring it.  But we do not require that, as your league payment will include usage of our house balls, shoe rental, lineage, soda and popcorn, etc.
  • Bowling is a great athletic activity!  Bowling improves your physical health, your social health, and is a fantastic sport to consider for college acceptance and scholarships!  Many high schools offer bowling classes and Varsity programs, and learning early gives kids the opportunity to gain access to these social/athletic groups!
  • For kids age 10 and up, we do not require adults to remain during league time, though you are encouraged to watch and encourage your child at ANY time!  (We do have a full menu as well as full bar open for adults at any time, and water and soft drinks are available for the kids!)  Many parents find it a great time to get some work done, check email, have a drink or two and just enjoy spending time with their kids in a stress-free environment.

So, if this league sounds like a good fit for your child or children, please click the button below, and fill out our sign-up form.  Thanks for your interest, and we hope to see your kids this summer!


938 Warren Ave
Downers Grove, IL 60515


Just around the corner from the Tivoli Theatre, you’ll find 12 wood lanes tucked beneath the auditorium, Tivoli Bowling Center. It’s a place where the entire family will feel right at home because of its size and atmosphere.

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